Credit Verification Requests from External Parties

Credit verification may be required as follows:

  • when the University is drawing or renewing a contract with a vendor, and the vendor requires financial data from the University to complete their credit due diligence
  • research granting agencies that validate institutional recipient information
  • departments/units may use this information for arranging events, entering commitments and preparing new or revised contracts.  Note: These arrangements are expected to be in compliance with Procurement of Goods and Services and Signing Authority Policies

York University is a large, public organization with no centralized service or committed resources for handling credit reference checks. The department or unit that is communicating directly with the vendor is responsible for providing the "General Credit and Financial Information" that is detailed below.

General Credit & Financial Reference Information & Links

York University's policy for managing credit reference requests from third parties is to provide specific information to assist those inquirers in conducting their own credit verification. The University does not provide banking information to third parties. The information and links below will assist with the verification: