How to do Business with York

In accordance with public policy and provincial requirements, calls for competitive procurements must be made through an electronic tendering system that is equally accessible to all Canadian vendors. To meet the objective of transparency and openness for all opportunities at the University York’s competitive bids are posted on the e-tendering site

York will only consider Proposal, Tender and Quote submissions received from Proponents or Bidders who have registered and have obtained the Bid Document directly from Merx. All other Proposal, Tender and Quote submissions from Proponents or Bidders will be disqualified.

The failure of any Proponent or Bidder to receive or examine any document, form, addendum, agreement etc., issued by York, or to visit any site(s) to become familiar with existing conditions, shall not relieve the Proponent or Bidder of any obligation with respect to its submission or any executed Agreement.

Bids are posted as the need arises. Vendors are encouraged to visit on a regular basis. Bid posting will be available for a minimum of 15 calendar days from the initial posting date. This is to ensure that respondents have sufficient time to prepare a suitable, high quality response. This will enable York to achieve better value for money.

Submitting Bid Proposals

Competitive bid submissions must be delivered as instructed in the competitive bid document. York will not accept or consider Proposal, Tender or Quote submissions received after the noted closing date and time.

Unsuccessful respondents to a competitive bid are entitled to a debriefing, and may request a debriefing meeting up to 60 days following the date of the contract award notification. Debriefing details are specified in the individual competitive bid call document.