Facilities Services Vendors of Record

York University’s procurement function is performed in an open, fair and transparent manner where goods and services are procured in a competitive environment.  Procurement Services goal is to ensure all transactions yield the optimal benefit to the University.

The University is committed to promoting the values of sustainability and social responsibility. To the degree possible, the University shall incorporate sustainability standards into its procurement practices, and give favorable consideration in its evaluation process to those goods and services which reflect this commitment to sustainability or broader social responsibility.

Vendor Management

QCsolver is York’s on-line vendor registration and management system developed to streamline the administrative tasks associated with vendor management and ensures that all vendor information is kept up-to-date in York’s financial systems.

Vendors are required to register using the QCsolver vendor management portal and ensure they maintain up-to-date documentation within the portal, including annually submitting a portal access renewal fee. Some of the key benefits for registering on the QCsolver portal include:

  • One-Stop Vendor Registration: Vendors can register all their company information, i.e., liability insurance, WSIB certificates and other compliance documents that are required by York.
  • Insurance and WSIB Tracking:  Vendors will receive automatic reminder e-mail alerts notifying them of expiring documentation.
  • Automatic Vendor Credentialing: Vendors can manage expirations of pertinent licences / certificates.