Eligible/Ineligible Goods & Services



Grant funds must contribute toward the direct costs of the research program for which funds were awarded.  Direct costs of goods and services are limited to:

Costs of equipment and research supplies (not including furniture)

  • Maintenance and operating costs
  • Extended warranties


  • Computer, tablets, iPads, cameras, modems, drop box charges and other emerging technology and hardware and/or specialized software required for research
  • Cellular phones, iphones, smartphones, or other electronic devices when they are necessary for research purposes, and/or for personal safety reasons, with adequate justification of the research purpose
  • Monthly plan fees for a basic plan for electronic devices, cell phones, etc. when being used for the research purposes, and/or for personal safety reasons only.


  • Brokerage and customs fees
  • Staff training
  • Consulting services
  • Developing and maintaining web-based information
  • Translation costs
  • Workshop or seminar
  • Safety and waste disposal
  • Specialized training
York provides for indirect or overhead costs.  Indirect costs of goods and services are limited to:

  • Facilities
  • Basic utilities (such as voice mail)
  • Renovations
  • Office equipment (connection of lines, monthly connection or rental of telephone)
  • Home internet costs
  • Administration fees
  • Insurance for equipment and vehicles

helpful tips symbolFor a detailed list of eligible and ineligible expenses refer to the User Handbook on the Administration of Tri-Council Grants (PDF).