Description of Sole Source

When only one vendor is capable of meeting your requirements and specifications; no other vendor in the market. Situations when this could occur would be:

  • to ensure compatibility with existing products, to recognize exclusive rights, such as exclusive licences, copyright and patent rights, or to maintain specialized products that must be maintained by the manufacturer or its representative
  • where there is an absence of competition for technical reasons and the goods or services can be supplied only by a particular vendor and no alternative or substitute exists
  • for the procurement of goods or services the supply of which is
    controlled by a vendor that is a statutory monopoly
  • for the purchase of goods on a commodity market
  • for work to be performed on or about a leased building or portions thereof that may be performed only by the lessor
  • for work to be performed on property by a contractor according to
    provisions of a warranty or guarantee held in respect of the property or the original work
  • for a contract to be awarded to the winner of a design contest
  • for the procurement of a prototype of a first good or service to be
    developed in the course of and for a particular contract for research, experiment, study or original development, but not for any subsequent purchases
  • for the purchase of goods under exceptionally advantageous
    circumstances such as bankruptcy or receivership, but not for routine purchases
  • for the procurement of original works of art
  • for the procurement of subscriptions to newspapers, magazines or other periodicals
  • for the procurement of real property