Import Instructions for Vendors

Orders from non-Canadian vendors require F.O.B. Destination (York University), freight prepaid.

StepsImageDocument RequirementsStepsImage

Every shipment requires two (2) copies of each document (one (1) copy inside of the parcel and one (1) copy to the driver):

Commercial Invoice: Information that must be included on the Commercial Invoice:

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Complete Vendor Name and Address
  • Complete Consignee Name and Address
  • Part Numbers
  • Complete Description of Goods
  • Number of Pieces and Weight of Shipment
  • Separate Itemized List of All Goods, with Values, Unit Cost, and Extended Total
  • Must disclose full value of the shipment (including all discount amounts and types on separate lines)
  • Country of Origin (must be filled in for each order)

Canada Customs Invoice: For shipments over $1,600.00 CAD

Packing List: Otherwise known as a packing slip

Other Documentation (if applicable)

Perishable Shipments

ImportantPerishable shipments must be packed to withstand 72 hours in transit and shipped no later than Wednesday.

Shipping Instructions for Vendors

A copy of each document is to be faxed or emailed to Thompson Ahern International prior to shipping at

All shipping labels, invoice labels, and waybills must have the following information:

  • York University
    Contact Name / Consignee
    4700 Keele Street
    Building Name and Room Number
    Toronto, Ontario
    M3J 1P3
  • Purchase Order Number / Cost Center Number (when ordering with the PCard)
  • Customs Brokers Name: Thompson Ahern International