Exporting to the United States

When exporting to the United States York University is the “importer of record” unless otherwise requested by the receiving party in the United States. York is required to prepare a commercial invoice and provide this to the exporting transportation carrier when the goods are picked up.

Tahoco Logistics Inc. (a Division of Thompson Ahern International) is York University’s custom broker for all shipment to the United States. There is a $12 brokerage fee per entry when shipping to the United States. Additional fees for other government agencies may apply for certain commodities.

Website: www.tahocologistics.com
Contact: Jennifer Benjamin, Team Leader at jbenjamin@tahocologistics.com or, Shirley Stroupe, Senior Import Analyst at sstroupe@tahocologistics.com
Phone: 1-800-471-5530

For shipments moving to the United States that are being shipped on skids contact First Choice Logistics to make shipping and pick-up arrangements.

First Choice Logistics - Main Telephone (905) 677-3471
Group Email: dispatch@taco.ca
Fax: (905) 677-9629

Contact: Franca Layte, Dispatch
Telephone: (905) 678-5485
Email: flayte@taco.ca

Contact: Mary Jane Johnston, Manager
Telephone: (905) 678-5483
Fax: (905) 677-9629
Email: mjohnston@taco.ca

Exporting Internationally (excluding U.S.)

When shipping to countries other than the United States, the consignee is normally the responsible party for customs clearance, unless specifically requested otherwise.

For shipments moving to any international destinations via air or ocean contact Thompson Ahern International to make shipping and pick-up arrangements.

Thompson Ahern International - Main Telephone (905) 678-5487
Fax: (905) 671-0647
Contact: Theresa Hardcastle

Contact: Laurie Dixon, Vice President International Transportation
Telephone: (905) 678-5487
Email: ldixon@taco.ca

Contact: Sally Chieng, Export Operations
Telephone: (905) 678-5483
Fax: (905) 677-9629
Email: schieng@taco.ca