Buying Good/Services valued between $10K and $50K

Acquisitions that fall into this category can be made at either the local level or by Procurement Services. To ensure the University obtains fair market value and demonstrates transparency and fairness to vendors a minimum of three (3) quotes is required. Exception: If the purchase is through one of the University's recognized VORs three (3) quotes is not necessary. To help with this process departments are encouraged to use the Vendor Quote Solicitation form (PDF).

Upon receipt and review of the vendor quotes the department would select the most competitively priced vendor. In instances when the vendor selected is not the most competitively priced the department should include a written rationale to explain the reason.

Buying through Sm@rtBuy

Once the quotes have been reviewed and the vendor has been determined, the department can process the order through Sm@rtBuy by completing a Non-Catalogue Form available on Sm@rtBuy and attaching all quotes to the order.

A purchase order is then created and electronically submitted to the vendor and a copy is sent to the department. Upon receipt of the goods the order must be received in Sm@rtBuy in order for the payment to be automatically generated through the system.

Paper Based Purchasing Requisition Method

Once the quotes have been reviewed and the vendor has been determined the department completes a Purchasing Requisition (PDF) form, attaches all quotes, and forwards to Procurement Services at for review and approval. For more complex acquisitions that contain multiple line items end users should complete the two page requisition (PDF) form.

Procurement Services will issue a Purchase Order,  forward to the vendor for order processing and, send a copy to the department.