Buying Goods/Services valued less than $10,000

Purchases in this category include any good or service from a single vendor that is for tangible goods required to conduct University business. These are usually non-repetitive (one time only) acquisitions. Acquisitions in this category can be made at the department level to expedite orders and ensure prompt vendor payment.

Steps to FollowStepsImage

When buying goods or services valued less than $10K the end user is required to follow these steps before making their purchase:

  1. Review the following three procurement options to find a suitable vendor.
    1. Log into Sm@rtBuy and check if you can purchase your item from a Sm@rtBuy vendor.
    2. Visit the Pan University VOR website and check if you can purchase your item from an approved Pan University Vendor of Record (VOR).
  2. If you are unsuccessful after following Steps 1 (a to b), you can proceed to source your goods/service independently. Options could include conducting your search via the web, yellow pages, etc., or by contacting Procurement Services for assistance with strategic sourcing.