Competitive Bid Posting - SOP

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is subject to the University Policy on the Procurement of Goods and Services.


Competitive Bid A formal acquisition process performed in an open, fair, and transparent manner in order to procure goods and services in a competitive environment
Electronic Tendering Sites  The internet site used by Procurement Services to post competitive bids, currently is MERX


The purchase of goods or services in excess of $100,000 requires an open competitive bid that must be publicly advertised on one or more electronic tendering sites (as noted above) unless otherwise exempt by Policy, or the Director of Procurement Services. Bids under $100,000 may be advertised at the discretion of Procurement Services.

To initiate a request for competitive bid, the end user must complete the Competitive Bid Request form and submit it to Procurement Services. Prior to initiating this request, the end user must ensure sufficient funds have been allocated for the purchase and that any technology implications have been discussed with the local information technology support provider (e.g. ITS, etc.).

The competitive bid request will be reviewed by the Assistant Director, Procurement Services who will assign a buyer for the acquisition.

Once the documentation is finalized, the appropriate competitive bid document is posted on the electronic tendering site(s) noted above. The posting will be in effect for a minimum of fifteen (15) calendar days. At no time during this process should the end user be involved in discussions with potential bidders.

Upon closing date and time, all responses received by Procurement Services will be opened and evaluated by the buyer (and/or a pre-established evaluation team). The closing date and time cannot be negotiated. Bids received after the closing date and time will be returned to the bidder unopened.

At the completion of the evaluation process, the buyer will communicate results to all bidders.