Competitive Bid Cancellation - SOP

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is subject to the University Policy on the Procurement of Goods and Services.

A Bidders’ Conference provides potential bidders with an opportunity to discuss and/or view the project/work site and become familiar with the existing conditions prior to submitting a quote or responding to a competitive bid.


Competitive Bid: A formal acquisition process performed in an open, fair, and transparent manner in order to procure goods and services in a competitive environment


The following are acceptable rationales for canceling competitive bids:

Insufficient Budget: All compliant responses submitted exceed the anticipated budgeted amount or the University is no longer able to commit funds to the project
Specification Changes: Major modifications to specifications that change the original scope of work or anticipated outcome
Insufficient Response: Too few compliant responses were received to prove fair market value, or could complete the work as specified
Irrevocable Period Expiry: The competitive bid is not concluded/awarded by the stated irrevocable period


  1. Department Head provides the rationale for bid cancellation, in writing, to the Assistant Director, Procurement Services.
  2. Procurement Services notifies bidders (if applicable) of the project cancellation, citing the reason for the cancellation (if applicable) within 48 hours of the notification.
  3. The end user is responsible for notifying external consultants, third parties etc. (if any) working with the University on the competitive bid.
  4. In cases where the irrevocable period has expired, Procurement Services will cancel the bid and notify the end user and the bidders of the cancellation.