Buying Goods or Services valued over $50K

Purchases in this category are typically complex acquisitions and may be pan-university. Competitive bids under $100,000 will be advertised at the discretion of Procurement Services to maximize the best value for the University. However, acquisitions estimated to cost in excess of $100,000 will be advertised publicly exclusively by Procurement Services.

Procurement Services determines the most appropriate competitive bid method, advertises the bid for a minimum of 15 days and collects submissions from vendors (consistent with competitive bidding law requirements). The competitive bid process is managed solely by Procurement Services  and is the only point of contact with the vendors.

The internal community and Procurement Services will jointly evaluate the responses and if an award is appropriate, Procurement Services awards to the most responsive bidder.

Things to consider beforehand ...

  • What is the approved budget for the purchase?
  • Keeping in mind that all bids must be posted for a minimum of 15 days, what is the timeline required for the purchase?
  • What are the specifications and requirements necessary to ensure the departments needs are met and the scope of work is captured in the competitive bid document?
  • What key elements need to be considered when evaluating the bid responses?
  • Who should participate in the evaluation process?

Steps to Follow

  1. StepsImageThe department is required to identify the need and provide Procurement Services with detailed specifications by completing a Competitive Bid Request.
  2. Within two (2) business days a Procurement Services Sourcing representative will contact the department to discuss next steps.