U.S. Bank Access® Online

Access® Online is the electronic access system cardholders log-in to and perform their monthly transaction reconciliations.

The Access® Online website is: https://access.usbank.com

First Time Users

When you log into Access® Online for the very first time you will be asked to accept the Licensing Agreement. Procurement Services has reviewed the agreement on behalf of the University. Cardholders are required to accept the agreement to access the system.

Logging In

Note: Your password will expire every 60 days. You cannot reuse a password for 12 months.

  1. Enter Organization Short Name: yorku or YORKU
  2. Enter your personal user ID (consists of 7 to 20 characters) which was provided by the PCard manager at the mandatory training session
  3. Enter your password (consists of 8 characters with 1 alpha and 1 numeric character) which was provided by the PCard manager at the mandatory training session. Note: First time users will be prompted to change their password.
  4. Click Login

Need Help?

Cardholders can review the Access Online User Training Guide (PDF) to get help with the following tasks:

  • changing your password and profile information
  • reconciling a PCard
  • reallocating a single or multiple credit card transaction(s)
  • splitting a transaction
  • create various reports and filters
  • print monthly statements
  • transaction disputes