PCard Guidelines

The York University purchasing card is to be used for the purchase of minor acquisitions as defined by the University. The University Policy on Procurement of Goods and Services governs the PCard program.

York University is committed to providing the University community with a convenient and efficient method of acquiring low value goods and services directly from vendors (merchants). The York University Purchasing Card (PCard) allows for:

  • a simplified procurement process through reduced reliance on purchase orders
  • fewer invoices
  • expedited delivery and vendor payment
  • a more effective way for the community to meet their low value procurement needs

The PCard is intended for appropriate University purchases; and personal use is strictly prohibited. Inappropriate use of the PCard is treated seriously as cardholders are expected to act with strict prudence and professionalism with respect to its use. Misuse will result in the immediate and irrevocable forfeiture of the PCard and/or disciplinary action.


All PCard program participants are responsible for the following:

  • ensuring necessary training is received
  • using the PCard in accordance with all pertinent policies, procedures and guidelines
  • securing the PCard in a safe location and taking the appropriate precautions to avoid unauthorized use of the card
  • settling transaction disputes directly with the vendor
  • retaining original documentation for a period of 7 years that is easily retrievable for audit purposes
  • reporting any inappropriate or fraudulent purchases or requests
  • reporting lost or stolen cards
  • obtaining "one-over-one" reviews and approvals
  • reviewing and approving all transactions on a regular and timely basis

In addition to the above, there are role specific responsibilities expected of each of the PCard Program participants, including the PCard cardholder, PCard coordinator and PCard transaction approver.