Labour Disruption: Deliveries of Sensitive Materials to Keele Campus

As previously communicated the University has set up a temporary arrangement for the delivery of goods by couriers at 4747 Keele Street. The temporary off-campus receiving location is not equipped however to receive and handle sensitive materials (i.e. hazardous, perishable, controlled goods), therefore Procurement Services have made the following alternate arrangements to ensure that these special shipments ultimately reach their intended destination:

  1. We have confirmed with FedEx that such deliveries will be made directly to the Stores receiving area at the Petrie Science & Engineering building.
  2. Should FedEx encounter any unusually lengthy delay at the picket lines, they will return after 3:30 pm on the same day to deliver the shipment after the picket lines have come down.
  3. When placing orders for sensitive materials, community members are encouraged to request that the vendor delivers the order via FedEx.

Contact Information for Procurement Services/Mailing Services:
416-736-5143, Procurement Services
416-736-2100, extension 30534 – Dexter King, Director
416-736-2100, extension 20880 – Jan Oliver, Assistant Director – Strategic Sourcing
416-736-2100, extension 44626 – Carolyn Fasick, Procurement Specialist
416-736-2100, extension 33713 – Frank Myers, Manager, Print & Mailing Services