Itemized List

An itemized list is a detailed listing of the major items that will be purchased for the infrastructure.  In the Itemized List, institutions must provide updated cost estimates and a timeline for the acquisition of the infrastructure, along with any changes to the original proposed infrastructure. When submitting a proposal, institutions are required to ensure that the costs included for each budget item approximate the fair market value. At award finalization, the CFI expects institutions to update these cost estimates, as required, to ensure they reflect the expected purchase price as accurately as possible. Institutions must maintain supporting documentation for updated cost estimates and provides them upon request.

The full estimated cost of all eligible items must be presented in the Itemized List, even if it exceeds the cost reported in the proposal to the CFI. Reporting of the partial estimated cost of an eligible item is not permitted. In addition, the cost of an item cannot be shared between CFI-funded projects.

helpful tipsIt is important to note that, normally, new items which were not included in the proposal may not be added to the Itemized List. Changes to this list may be accepted with strong justification. The CFI may seek the advice of expert reviewers for requested changes. Modifications to proposed vendor or model (with similar functionalities) are acceptable and do not require CFI approval.

The CFI anticipates that some cost estimates may differ from those in the proposal. However, if the revised costs of warranties or service contracts are lower than originally stated, the CFI’s contribution will be reduced.

An institution must notify the CFI if changes have been made to the construction and renovation information provided in the proposal (e.g. changes in floor plans, size and nature of the space, etc.), even if the changes result in little or no impact on the total construction or renovation cost. Revised floor plans and associated information must be forwarded to the CFI along with the Itemized List. If the CFI is not notified of any changes, the information provided in the proposal will form the basis for the Award Agreement.