Labour Disruption: Inbound Deliveries to Keele and Glendon Campuses

In an effort to ensure incoming goods reach their ultimate destination during the labour disruption; Procurement Services has made the following arrangements effective Tuesday March 6, 2018:

All deliveries of goods to the Keele and Glendon Campuses

Mail Delivery

Based on information available to us at this time we anticipate that Canada Post may be able to deliver mail to the Keele and Glendon Campuses prior to set up of picket lines, so daily delivery of incoming mail should not be impacted. Outgoing mail may be delayed by one day depending on scheduling. Should this not be possible, alternate arrangements will have to be made.

In Coming Courier Items

Some unionized Couriers will not cross picket lines so Procurement Services have contacted our four (4) principal courier companies (i.e. FedEx, Purolator, UPS and DHL) informing them that any deliveries destined for the Keele and Glendon Campuses (regardless of location) should be redirected to York University – Finance, 4747 Keele Street, Unit #1 Toronto Ontario M3J 2N9.  Community members NOT using these courier companies will be responsible for directly informing other courier companies, who will not cross the picket line of the new delivery location and referring them to either Procurement Services (extension 55143) or the Mailing Services (extension 33713) for assistance.

Out Going Courier Items

Mailing Services will endeavour to collect all out going courier items for companies who will not cross picket lines during their normal delivery and pick up schedule. Note all items will need to be accompanied with an appropriate and accurately completed waybill. Once collected by Mailing Services these items will be transported to 4747 Keele Street, for pick up by associated courier companies.

Other Information

Community members using the University Purchasing Card (PCard) to place orders from companies may experience delays in receiving their goods as deliveries already in transit may be affected by the labour dispute. Community members are encouraged to contact these suppliers and refer them to Procurement Services for alternate delivery information, in the event that they will not cross the picket lines.  Procurement Services will endeavour to provide assistance in this regard where possible.  Please contact us at extension 55143.

Perishable items, controlled goods, hazardous materials may also be affected by the labour disruption.  Some suppliers such as Linde (industrial gases) may not wish to cross picket lines or deliver these goods to the alternate delivery location. Community members who are expecting these types of deliveries should contact Procurement Services for additional information.

Alternate Delivery Information

Procurement Services has arranged for deliveries to be received at 4747 Keele Street, Unit #1 between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Mailing Services will be assisting with the receiving, sorting, and coordination of delivery to both Keele and Glendon campuses

Community members are asked to ensure that suppliers label items clearly with a contact person and university department, along with building and room number to facilitate accurate and timely delivery. Members are also asked to be patient during this process.

Special Notes:

  1.  Off-campus delivery arrangements will remain in effect for the duration of the labour dispute and for a few days following resolution to allow for faster delivery of items in transit.
  2. Community members are not permitted to pick-up items from 4747 Keele Street directly.  Procurement Services will have a staff member available for this purpose on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us should you require immediate assistance in this regard at extension 55143.

Procurement Services will use best efforts to facilitate the delivery of goods to the Keele and Glendon Campuses.  Revised information will be posted as necessary. 

Contact Information for Procurement Services/Mailing Services:

  •  416-736-5143, Procurement Services
  • 416-736-2100, extension 30534 – Dexter King, Director
  • 416-736-2100, extension 20880 – Jan Oliver, Assistant Director – Strategic Sourcing
  • 416-736-2100, extension 44626 – Carolyn Fasick, Procurement Specialist
  • 416-736-2100, extension 33713 – Frank Myers, Manager, Print & Mailing Services

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